AE Maharani a unit of Aditiya Enterprises established in the year 2005 in India. India brings a wide variety of A-class kitchen utensils and tools with unrivalled durability and unmatchable safety standards. Brand features over 150 plus cookware products, spanning across saucepan, non-stick, grill-pan, fry pan, water jugs, stick pot, dinner sets, flask, casseroles to innumerable kitchen accessories.

To maintain confidence and trust with our customers, and to enrich their reading experience in the internet age, we have a dedicated website and social media presence for sales, marketing, outreach, and engagement. The following terms and conditions lay out the relationship between customers and Maharani World, and the stipulations which govern access to our website and the business relationship between customers and Maharani World as sellers. It also sets down the rules regarding liabilities, privacy, sales and orders, use, ownership, and security of all products, materials, and content found on and its affiliated social media handles.

Maharani World— hereafter also ‘We’ and ‘The Company’, — reserves the right to change or update these terms at our own discretion. By using and visiting the Maharani World website and its official social media handles, the user acknowledges and agrees to these terms set forth below.


1. General terms:

Users and customers of Maharani World hereby understand, acknowledge, and accept that

a. The Company has the right to refuse service due to any reason— commercial, operational, or otherwise — without providing prior notice or reason.

b. Users and customers will need to provide personal and potentially sensitive information directly and indirectly. Users undertake to provide truthful and accurate information for purposes of creating an account and paying for orders on Maharani World.

I. Directly provided information includes name, contact details, address, and other personally identifiable information.
II. Information required to complete user accounts on Maharani World
III. Indirectly provided by means of accepting website cookies and other tracking and information collating services. This includes but is not limited to IP address, device, and web browser information.
IV. Payment information such as credit/debit card details, VPA id, bank account number, etc. provided for completing orders are stored and processed by third party payment gateways and we do not store any such data.


2. Accuracy of information:

As a leading seller in online and bricks-and-mortar retailing, we take all care to ensure that our product descriptions are relevant and useful to customers in order to help them make the best choice.

Our aim is always to be timely, precise, and genuine with the information we provide to you. However, there may be occasional inaccuracies, omissions, and errors as we work to improve our website and its services.

We regret any inconvenience that any shortcoming in this regard may cause to you but maintain that we are not liable for any adverse effects resulting therefrom. By using and ordering from, you release from liability for:

• Financial or economic loss to persons, organizations, or institutions incurred due to accessing and acting upon inaccurate or outdated information provided by Maharani World on its website or social media platforms.
• Losses and damages incurred due to Maharani World updating or revising any of its products’ descriptions, or modifying announcements of sales, discounts, and the functioning of discount codes and coupons.
• Any loss or damage incurred personally, institutionally, or commercially due to inaccuracy of information regarding Maharani World in general.

Users and customers understand and agree that any other information unrelated, indirectly related, or incidental to Maharani World and its business activities, such as historical information, general facts in the public domain, details of personalities, current affairs, and any other such information is also subject to the conditions above, i.e., the Company does not guarantee accuracy and reliability. We advise our customers and users to cross-check such information from the sources they trust, appropriate to their stakes in such information and its import for them.


3. Purchases and Orders

a. We strive to fulfil all orders to the best of customer expectations. In case of our inability to serve orders, we undertake to fulfil a full bank refund to the account from which the payment is received.
b. We reserve the right to cancel orders and declare the unavailability or unserviceability of one or more products in the order.
c. In case orders are cancelled or modified from the customer end, we are liable only to refund the amount partially, after specified deductions, as store credits on Maharani World.
d. The price included in the product display is exclusive of shipping, handling, and taxes.
e. The Company can change prices and add or remove discounts at any time. All such changes will be reflected in the final amount to be paid by customers before the transaction is actualized.


4. Payment policy

a. Payment may be made through credit and debit cards, UPI, and Cash on Delivery (COD)
b. In case of payment or order related issues:
i. For online mode: We will offer full assistance and communication with the external payment gateway provided that the issue does not originate with the payee’s bank, network, or computer system.
ii. For COD: We will communicate with the third-party delivery service provider to resolve any issues regarding disputed payments and deliveries.

c. We at Maharani World do not store or process any payment information such as card numbers, VPA id’s, etc. This is handled by third party payment gateways. Consequently, we are not liable for any loss or theft of confidential payment information.


5. Promotions and discounts

a. We occasionally offer promotional discounts, and also make available coupon codes and third-party linked offers such as cashbacks.
b. We reserve the right to modify the terms and applicability of such coupons and offers and can cancel them at any time without prior notice.


6. Ownership of IP

Users and customers agree that they are not to infringe on the intellectual property and copyrights of Maharani World.

Copyrighted material includes all creative media, logos, banners, and web content available on our proprietary platforms. 


7. User generated content

Maharani World has full ownership of any content posted by users on our website or social media handles. We reserve the right to edit, modify, or remove any content from these platforms at our sole discretion, but we are not obligated to do so.

We can use (either in part or full), modify, and create derivative works from all kinds of content posted on our website by users, whether as feedback, comments, reviews, messages, etc.

We do not seek permission or compensate any user for such content.

8. Responsibilities and Prohibitions:
There are certain prohibitions and rules by which we desire to create a vibrant, healthy, and safe community of customers and users of our website.

• Content and communication which is abusive, threatening, or violates the privacy and safety of any person, whether on or off Maharani World’s platforms, will be subject to immediate removal and termination of the defaulting account.
• Any posts or communication that exposes sensitive information of third parties, or attempts to harm the interests of business entities, will not be tolerated.
• Users, visitors, and customers are prohibited from attempting to gain malicious access to Maharani World’s web and social media assets and to modify or delete any information therein